Consolidated Media Associates Limited is Nigeria’s No. 1 leading Television Production Media House. The CMA television brands and products have grown to be admired by vast television groups and audiences across Africa. The success achieved by the company and her offerings over the years has created huge followership for each of the individual brands.

A General Media Production and Television powerhouse with footprints in Satellite, Cable, Digital and Terrestrial Television; Consolidated Media Associates Limited is the ultimate brand/product enhancing and exposing company in today’s world, offering excellent creative choices in the production of content either for awareness, perception or product elongation.

Consolidated Media Associates Limited as a National and Continental Player and Heavyweight originating from Nigeria has over the years strategically developed different Television Brands to suit and cater for clients and households.

These brands are cut amongst the different spheres and genre in television viewership thereby maintaining a tailor made open-window for different advertisers. Clients in most cases logically choose what fits their brands the most for due exposure to the ever curious public